"EXTERNET GSM" is a service which provides savings of time and money on outgoing cellphone calls.

This unique service allows calling employees' cellphones by dialling only a few digits. It's a cost-effective service for businesses whose employees are often on the road, or who work outside company premises. With the help of the unique EXTERNET GSM service, and using any office telephone, you can call any employee on their cellphone with a short code. For example; a regular call to the receptionist by dialling 101, and on their cellphone with 88101. It's practical and makes it unnecessary to remember the cellphone numbers of every employee. The EXTERNET GSM service can be implemented on any (even analogue) telephone exchange without buying additional modules.

Benefits and advantages:

  • Saves time.
  • Convenient for calling those on the road whose numbers are dialled most often.
  • Increases efficiency of business operations and interdepartmental collaboration.
  • Affordable service activation fee.


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